Rogue River Triathlon

Triathlon Tip #1:

     For anyone who has ever thought they might want to "maybe someday" do a triathlon, the very first thing that seems to be the absolute key is this:  decide that no matter what, I will give it a try (perfect word here even though the tri in triathlon refers to the three events - swim, ride and run).  You cannot ever fail since the only real definition of failure is not trying!  Choosing your attitude is, after all, the "last of human freedoms" according to Eli Wiesel.  Once you have decided you are all in, it will be time to actually begin training.  

     I will help you with all the details - how to practice each event, what to wear, what to eat, and how to visualize yourself crossing the finish line.  

     Your only task for this week is to tell yourself I am doing the Rogue River Triathlon on August 5th either as an individual or on a team (we will help you find other team members if needed!)  Tell anyone who will listen but the most important person is yourself; others can wait to hear the exciting news once you have committed!

Triathlon Tip #2 

"One cannot consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar"  Helen Keller

     Schedule your workouts.  You won't find time for them unless you MAKE time for them.  Put them in your planner, phone, computer and then look at that schedule each day.  You can expect to have some days when the best laid plans don't happen, but here is an option for those days:  

    Something is always better than nothing!  5-10 minutes of a quick walk, a few yoga or Pilates poses, plank pose, push-ups, whatever you feel like!  When your scheduled 30 min run, ride or swim can't happen, just do a little something instead.  It works!!!